The 15 American Housing Markets That Are Currently More Affordable Than They Were in 2005

In many parts of the United States, homeownership is now unaffordable due to rising home prices and mortgage rates. In fact, home prices have increased by 20% over the past year, and mortgage rates have increased from about 3% to about 6% this year, with some experts predicting they will… Continue reading

Bank of Canada Alerts High Household Debt and Elevated House Prices Pose Top Risks to Economic Situation

Bank of Canada alerts high household debt and elevated house prices pose top risks to economic situation

The Bank of Canada advised that household vulnerabilites have gotten worse over the past year and can lead to tension in the monetary system as borrowing costs soar and also very indebted debtors struggle to service their financial debts. In its most recent Financial System Review, the central bank stated… Continue reading