Higher Food Prices and Global Shortages Are Being Predicted as Crop Fertilizer Prices Skyrocket

According to a report in USA Today, farmers in Arcanum, a region of western Ohio, are concerned about maintaining their businesses as costs have skyrocketed this year due to an essential commodity. Fertilizer price increases indicate that farmers are concerned. “Last year, nitrogen (which is used as a fertilizer) was… Continue reading

Inflation Is Now Out of Control

Inflation Is Now Out of Control

Eroding wealth is affecting many people in a variety of ways, including rising inflation on goods and services, plummeting equity markets, and falling housing prices, to name a few. Governments and central banks, however, deny responsibility for the economic climate they have created, blaming Putin for higher food and energy… Continue reading

Gas, Electricity Bills in Europe Could Jump to 4.5% of Disposable Income in 2023

The higher the energy costs in Europe become, the higher the possibilities are for a windfall tax obligation on power companies as well as utilities, as federal governments will certainly be required to reduce the growing pressure on home finances, Citigroup says. Europe all at once could see an energy… Continue reading