Over Whether Trump’s Ex-wife Was “Epsteined,” the Left and Right Are at Odds

Right-wing users are outraged by claims made by left-wing Twitter users that former President Donald Trump ordered the murder of his ex-wife in order to stall an ongoing civil investigation in New York.

Firefighters were called to a report of a cardiac arrest on Thursday, and they discovered Ivana Trump, 73, dead in her Manhattan home. According to city officials, there was no sign of wrongdoing, and they are investigating the death’s cause.

In a statement posted on Truth Social in response to Ivana’s passing on Thursday, the former president described her as a “wonderful, beautiful, and amazing woman, who led a great and inspirational life.” Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump’s three eldest children were raised by Ivana.

Ivana died, however, the day before Trump, Donald Jr., and Ivanka were supposed to testify in a civil case against the Trump organization being investigated by New York Attorney General Letitia James. James decided to postpone the depositions on Friday as a result of the death.

The sudden turn of events alarmed many left-leaning Twitter users, who started to speculate that Ivana might have been “Epsteined,” a term used by those who think Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender, wasn’t actually murdered in prison but rather committed suicide.

“Well well what a surprise,” one user wrote. “Was Ivana #Epsteined ? NY AG delays depositions of Trump and two children after death of Ivana Trump.”

Others claimed that given Trump’s alleged defense of his supporters’ belief that former Vice President Mike Pence should have been hanged during the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, a murder might have been plausible.

“People are saying that Ivana was Epsteined,” another said. “I don’t know, but Donald Trump tried to have his VP killed … so it’s not like it’s out of character.”

But his critics have also grown suspicious because Trump didn’t postpone his political event scheduled for Saturday in Arizona.

“That’s some BS there…

if you can’t make it to your deposition then you shouldn’t be able to make it to another hate rally the very next day,” @DPrevailed said. “Ivana Epstein’d to get out of deposition wouldn’t put it past them. Despicable to say the least.”

There is no evidence, according to New York city officials, that Ivana’s death was the result of criminal activity. Ironically, those who backed the former president and are accustomed to conspiracy theories expressed outrage over the claim.

The user @RealVinnieJames wrote, “First Democrats said Ivana had been ‘Epsteined’ insinuating she was murdered, and now they’re saying the ‘wrong Trump’ died.”

Another conservative Twitter user remarked, “Those of you posting Ivana got Epsteined are part of the 13% that think the country is on track under Biden.”

Given that Trump supporters have a history of spreading ludicrous and disproven claims about everything from COVID-19 to the 2020 presidential election, some Twitter users reacted negatively to the response from Trump supporters.

“Seeing right wingers losing their shit because people are saying Ivana was Epsteined is hilarious,” tweeted @carogonza2. “These are the same people who said Hillary killed Seth Rich. Same people who said there was a pedo ring in the basement of a pizza joint that had no basement. It’s hilarious.”

Such conspiracy theories will most likely persist into the near future given the growing political polarization in the U.S.



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