One Person Was Arrested After Protesters Harassed Ex-DC Police Officer Michael Fanone

After attending a hearing by the House select committee investigating the Capitol riot on Thursday night, former D.C. police officer Michael Fanone, who was assaulted on January 6, 2021 by the mob, was targeted by protesters.

In numerous videos shared on Twitter, a group is seen pursuing Fanone and berating him with remarks like, “Are you a real police officer?”

Fanone, who quit his job as an officer last year and now works for CNN, was repeatedly shocked with his own taser during the riot on January 6, in addition to being beaten by a group of rioters.

Videos of the incident on Thursday show a man pushing the protesters away from Fanone while holding a banner of former President Trump labeled “toxic loser,” causing a second man to trip and yell.

On camera, a second man is seen telling police that the person holding the banner struck him with a pole, prompting police to handcuff the person holding the banner.

Two men who admitted to attacking Fanone during the riot on January 6 will receive criminal penalties; however, other men have either avoided trial or have pleaded not guilty.

An Iowan man who entered a guilty plea in May now faces an additional eight years in prison as well as fines. After police lost track of one and left him in custody for three months following his arrest, the second entered a guilty plea in March and now faces a sentence of three to six years in prison.



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