Israeli Hackers May Have Rigged More Than 30 Elections, According to the Guardian

A criminal scheme using bots, fake news sites, and hacking into Gmail and Telegram is sold in South America, Africa, and other regions More than 30 elections around the world may have suffered interference from an Israeli company that offers candidates “services” for hacking into Gmail and Telegram, mass use… Continue reading

Google Harasses Employees Who Support Palestine

Ariel Koren, a Jewish Google employee, announced her resignation in a letter to her coworkers in response to a retaliation against her and other employees who had spoken out in favor of Palestine. Koren, who identified herself as a “Jewish Google worker,” wrote on Medium, “Instead of listening to employees who… Continue reading

Greek Orthodox Patriarch Warns of ‘Extremist Jewish’ Threat

Greek Orthodox Patriarch Warns of ‘Extremist Jewish’ Threat

According to The Jerusalem Post, Theophilos III of Jerusalem, the current patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem, warned US President Joe Biden when he met with him that extremist Israeli forces are escalating tensions in Jerusalem’s Old City, straining daily life and endangering worshipers, according to Channel 12’s Yaron… Continue reading