The Lancet Journal Cites the Brazilian Election and Claims Brazil Needs Immediate Change

In an editorial, the scientific publication draws attention to the disastrous impact that Bolsonaro has had on the pandemic and his disrespectful treatment of indigenous people.

This Saturday (3), the scientific journal The Lancet published an editorial (“New Beginnings for Latin America?“) on the Brazilian presidential election. For this, “Brazil needs an urgent change”.

The editorial of the journal, which has been around since 1823 and is considered to be one of the most important scientific publications in the world, notes that there is concern that Bolsonaro, who is “known for his volatility and indirect incitement of violence, will not go quietly” in case he loses the election.

The article cites an instance in which the current President of Brazil voiced his criticism of the use of electronic voting system in the presence of ambassadors from other countries.

This is not the first time a Lancet editorial has quoted Bolsonaro directly and negatively.

In 2020, the publication stated that Bolsonaro, dubbed a “leader ‘so what?'” in reference to the president’s response to journalists when asked about the recent increase in COVID-19 deaths in the country, was perhaps the greatest threat to Brazil’s response to the coronavirus, which would be more engaged in a war against science than the new virus.

“Bolsonaro’s disastrous handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, his disregard for women, ethnic minorities, indigenous peoples, and the environment are widely known,” the editorial notes.

The journal then cites the country’s ongoing problems with inequality, poverty, and corruption, as well as gender and gun violence – “Bolsonaro’s decision to relax gun laws was a step in the wrong direction.”

It is also mentioned how scientists and scientific institutions have suffered as a result of this.

If the projections are correct – Datafolha polls show Lula’s (PT) advantage in the presidential race – Brazil will join other Latin American countries “where there is a renewed hope for progressive societal change,” according to the editorial, which cites Colombian President Gustavo Petro and Chilean President Gabriel Boric.

At the same time, the publication recalls that several leaders have already been elected on promises to reform health care and education, as well as to combat corruption. The cases of Petro and Boric would be different if issues such as climate protection and sustainability, women’s rights, and greater inclusion of ethnic minorities were included.

“Boric has a strong environmental agenda with a clear understanding that fossil fuels belong in the past, something of an exception in a region where many governments still support mining and oil exports,” says the editorial, which then cites Petro’s proposals for free university education and taxation of unproductive land.

“There is an unprecedented chance for new beginnings in Latin America; an opportunity to make positive changes to alleviate deep neglect, inequality, and violence,” the editorial concludes. “Let us hope that Brazil chooses to seize this opportunity.”



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