Florida Towns Are Asking Residents and Visitors to Close Blinds, Switch off Lights, Here’s Why

Sea turtle season is underway in Florida and that indicates those living along the beach demand to do their part to minimize dangers to the bordering environments.

The season lasts from May 1 to October 31. In between 40,000 and 84,000 sea turtles make use of the state’s coastlines to host their nests each summer season. The animals emerge from the waters in the middle of the evening, dig a hole in the dry sand, lay their eggs, cover the hole, and afterwards return to the water. Sea turtles have an incubation period of about 2 months.

People are being asked to shut off their lights because artificial lighting is among the biggest hazards to this procedure. In fact, thousands of hatchlings pass away annually as a result of it. When the baby turtles hatch, they make use of the light of the evening skies to navigate to the water. The lights from residences might cause them to crawl far from the waters and towards the artificial lighting. This leaves the hatchlings in danger of being struck by a vehicle, struck by predators, or merely vulnerable to the outside elements.

Sea turtle season is underway in Florida

Sea turtle season is underway in Florida

Grown-up sea turtles are additionally in danger. They can come to be confused by the artificial light as well as end up being exhausted or dried out on the beach, which can result in a female failing to lay her eggs and just go back to the water.

The Florida Fish and also Wildlife Conservation Commission has Sea Turtle Lighting Guidelines to give homeowner living along nesting coastlines basic details to safeguard their environments.

Numerous cities along the coastline ask individuals to shut down their lights after 9 p.m. to keep the beaches dark. They suggest home owners see if their homes are compliant with the city’s sea turtle statutes by basing on the beach on a moonless evening and looking seaward. If you see your shadow, there is excessive light behind you and you need to acquire compliant lights as well as fixtures.

Visitors to the beaches also need to be conscious of the nests. They are marked off and also you’re asked to maintain a safe distance, so as to not disturb them.

Beachfront Lighting: Turtle Friendly Lighting Examples – Sea Turtle Conservancy

Beachfront Lighting: Turtle Friendly Lighting Examples – Sea Turtle Conservancy

All 5 Florida sea turtle species are threatened or endangered. The federal Endangered Species Act lists the green, leatherback, hawksbill, and Kemp’s ridley turtles as endangered. The loggerhead turtle is listed as threatened. This means it is illegal to harm, harass, or kill any sea turtles, their eggs, or hatchlings.

If you’re truly interested in seeing the nesting process on your own, there are sea turtle walks. A tour guide will know the state as well as federal legislations regarding what you can and can not do around nesting turtles. You can sign up for a walk, but there’s no assurance you’ll see the nesting happen.

You can do your part to safeguard sea turtles by keeping the beaches clean, minimizing fertilizer use, not leaving fishing lines behind, and a lot more.



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