Travel in Namibia: Like Strolling on Mars

The border crossing in between Angola and also Namibia was an extremely unusual sight for me. Since it looked like what a modern-day border going across would in most contemporary countries.

Currently I’m not claiming that what I have actually been seeing up via West- and Central Africa hasn’t been modern. However it has actually definitely been more harsh as well as not extremely motivated by the Western Globe.

This border was a substantial complicated. It had a big smooth area in front of a big flat structure. As well as you had to stroll inside these flight terminal like halls to walk from one nation to the next. Most importantly: They didn’t desire a visa or anything! They simply marked my key and also bid me invite to Namibia. Well, to be entirely honest the computer system on the Angolan side was down so the border opened up an hour late. And the man in Namibia noted that I could remain till March 10th which remained in the past so we changed it to April. Yet hello …;-RRB-.

No place within the African continent had I seen what currently stood before me! The roads where led on both sides of both boundaries. Yet on the Namibian side the roadway was lined with shopping center, fast-food joints, different electrical outlets, stores, parking lots and more? Where was I? The departure from Central Africa and into Southern Africa could not have been noted any clearer!!

I did nonetheless locate a lady marketing road food under a shed. And she offered me some noodle soup for around $0.20.

A bus obtained me completely down to Windhoek: The funding of Namibia. And what a surprise!! This was more modern-day than a lot of European cities. Exactly how was all this possible? The roadway to Windhoek had actually been straight as an arrow and smooth as a children cheek.

The landscape was great as the sun was setting, I saw the landscape go up in the direction of the skies and also develop big hills and tiny hills. They were covered by green trees which looked like huge broccoli if your imagination stretches up until now.

Rodney at the Namibian Red Cross suggested that I would certainly remain at the Cardboard box. A real hostel as you would find them in Europe or the Americas. I woke up in a dormitory the next day after having shown up after midnight. It was an area with around 16 beds and also a lot of young adults. I can have chosen a personal room, but this was the least expensive.

It was Easter. So life was somewhat silent in the city. I went to the cinema in one of the many shopping centers in Windhoek. What’s up with that said Windhoek? Why so many shopping malls? You’re a capital with only 300.000 individuals. Yeah, yeah … I understand you’re around 20 times larger than my home nation Denmark. Yet I believe you have a lot more shopping centers in Windhoek than we have in every one of Denmark and also I see more coming.

Anyway, for a number of months I have actually been wanting to see the brand-new Starwars and also the most up to date James Bond. But the girl at the counter looked perplexed at me? “Sorry, we took those off the program around 2 months earlier”. So I end up seeing “Increased” which I wouldn’t truly suggest.

I probably must say this. Due to the fact that I’ll end up in one nation or the various other – or in both! However there was a distinctive knowledge to Namibia as quickly as I arrived. And the sensation increased as time went on. And also I worked out what it was! Namibia reminds me of Australia. And also a lot more certain the North Region of Australia. It’s the wild completely dry natural environments of the landscape as well as the leading modern, cool and also clean infrastructure. It’s such a weird sensation for me to be right here. I’m roughly 12,000 kilometres away from house and I took rather a detour to obtain here. Now I’ve been virtually 1 full year – non stop – on the African continent which must effect my mindset in some way?

As the days progressed I began feeling uneasy. I started to feel unfortunate. I really did not recognize what or why. I still don’t. But the feeling is still there.

You may or may not comprehend this. But I assume a part of it is the loss of my hat! Remember it’s gotten on my head nearly day-to-day for more than 2 years. It’s a part of who I am now and also it’s gone. I have actually been trying to find a new one but absolutely nothing has come truly close. A couple of people have supplied to cover the costs for a new one. The honor mosts likely to my papa … he was the very first.

Back in Central Africa I really did not have options. Very few at the very least. That too could describe my sensations now. Due to the fact that currently I am cost-free to do whatever I desire. No visas needed. I can hop on a bus or a train anytime and go to a number of countries. I have actually tried to clarifies this really feeling a few times as well as the very best I could think of is the sensation of playing an essential suit of some kind but having to leave early. “You take place without me individuals! Best of luck”. Central Africa was stunning and exceptional in many ways. I wouldn’t think twice to go back!! However I can not see myself crossing all those land orders once more and arranging for visas as I go!! Never ever!!! I had the battle of a lifetime as well as I will be laughing my socks off if anybody ever before tries to do me this after. It nearly broke me. You will certainly never ever recognize how close this project involved an end.

One more and also third element could be the ease of a traveler destination. Namibia is absolutely a real pearl!! Once you begin checking out as well as seeing images you will certainly be lured in as well. This is so withy of a check out by any person of any age. You need to search for the skeleton coastline for starters !! Quite fascinating I purchased a mounted scenic photograph about 15 years earlier. It has constantly had a special location in my wall any place I have actually lived. It depicts a red sand dune up against a best blue sky. In the facility you see a dried up tree. As it turns out it is from the south of Namibia. You see … there is something taking place below …

Come and see the elephants, the cheetahs, the landscape or some of the 13 ethnic groups. Come and also be a visitor and have the time of your life. But I’m not a tourist … which’s the important things …

Maybe a 4th thing below is that I’m staying in a hostel packed with young adults? I remain in a dormitory loaded with young adults. I’m walking around traveler continuously as well as I’ve barely seen a visitor for a year. For as long I have actually been immersed in neighborhood society with local individuals and also unexpectedly I find my 37 years of age body bordered by individuals that want something else from life.

I can have taken a few more days in Namibia as well as have actually made a small trip from it. Probably a terrific holiday. However my girlfriend will be concerning see me any place I am in the start of May. So heartbreaking as it is I will now leave gorgeous Namibia behind me essentially undiscovered.

Experiences exist in advance! Let’s go and also confiscate them !!;-RRB-.



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