Harold Nicholas & Goldwyn Girls – I Want to Be a Minstrel Man – Kid Millions (1934)

Step into the enchanting world of classic Hollywood as we revisit a historic gem from the past. Watch child prodigy Harold Nicholas and the iconic Goldwyn Girls in a captivating performance of ‘I Want to Be a Minstrel Man’ from the 1934 classic ‘Kid Millions.’ Relive this mesmerizing moment in film history and witness the magic of these exceptional talents.

The Melodic Time Capsule

“I Want To Be a Minstrel Man” is a tune steeped in history, evoking the spirit of a bygone era. Originally composed by Burton Lane with lyrics by Harold Adamson, this delightful melody made its debut in the 1934 film “Kid Millions.” Remarkably, it would go on to become a central piece of two distinct performances by some of the most legendary tap-dancers of all time. In this article, we celebrate the rendition by the child prodigy Harold Nicholas, alongside the 1934 Goldwyn Girls.

A Dance Through Time

In “Kid Millions,” the song “I Want To Be a Minstrel Man” comes alive in a mesmerizing dance sequence that held audiences spellbound during its time. Harold Nicholas, a virtuoso of tap-dancing, commands the stage, etching an indelible mark on the history of dance in cinema. His performance, brimming with grace, precision, and infectious energy, alongside the enchanting Goldwyn Girls, makes this a must-see moment in cinematic history.

Harold Nicholas: The Child Prodigy

Harold Nicholas, one-half of the world-renowned Nicholas Brothers, transcended the art of dance. His extraordinary talent and magnetic presence brought “I Want To Be a Minstrel Man” to life with unparalleled charm and skill. The Nicholas Brothers, comprising Harold and his brother Fayard, are celebrated as one of the greatest dance duos to ever grace the stage and screen.

The Goldwyn Girls: A Legacy of Talent

The Goldwyn Girls, a distinguished musical stock company of female dancers employed by Samuel Goldwyn, featured some of the most famous actresses, dancers, and models of their time. Among their ranks, you’d find luminaries like Lucille Ball, Virginia Bruce, Claire Dodd, Paulette Goddard, Betty Grable, Virginia Grey, June Kirby, Joi Lansing, Barbara Pepper, Marjorie Reynolds, Pat Sheehan, Gail Sheridan, Ann Sothern, Larri Thomas, Tyra Vaughn, Toby Wing, Vonne Lester, and Jane Wyman. Their collective talent and grace not only added to the allure of “Kid Millions” but left an indelible mark on the history of cinema.

“I Want To Be a Minstrel Man” stands as a treasure of the past, a vivid reminder of Hollywood’s golden age and the brilliance of performers like Harold Nicholas and the illustrious Goldwyn Girls. Their unforgettable performance in “Kid Millions” continues to inspire dancers and film enthusiasts alike, serving as a living testament to the magic of classic cinema. Step back in time, experience the performance, and relive the charm of a bygone era.

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