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Hello, Hello, Carnival! (1936) – Full Movie

Hello, Hello, Carnival! (1936)

Original Title: Allô Allô Carnaval! (1936)

Hello, Hello, Carnival is a 1936 Brazilian musical comedy film directed and produced by Adhemar Gonzaga and Wallace Downey and distributed by Cinédia production company.

Hello, Hello, Carnival was the first Brazilian film to feature musical numbers that used playback. Even though this process is limited to a few specific scenes, direct live audio may still be heard in the background.

The film also features the sisters Carmen Miranda and Aurora Miranda, who perform Cantores de Rádio, which is considered the biggest hit of the Miranda sisters. The scene is considered today to be one of the most anthological numbers in Brazilian musical cinema.

The film premiered on January 20, 1936, at Rio de Janeiro’s Cinema Alhambra and on February 3, 1936, in Sao Paulo.

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