US Personal Bank Account

US Personal Bank Account for Non-US Residents

Unlike our competitors, CKSA offers a US personal bank account opening service. This is a cheaper option for those willing to sell on eBay and Amazon, without a complex and costly business structure. Through this service, you do not need to spend additional money to incorporate a US company, to obtain an EIN number. Also, no expenses with the maintenance of a US address, accountancy, LLC corporate tax, and registered agent fees also. You just pay our consultancy one-time fee and get your US personal bank account forever.

Reasons to open your US personal bank account through CKSA

  • Open a US Personal checking account with no minimum opening deposit*
  • No SSN required
  • Pay your bills online
  • Deposit checks from your mobile device
  • Easily make wire transfers to other US bank accounts and bank accounts abroad
  • Set up balance and payment alerts
  • Add your US Debit Card to mobile wallets
  • Use over fee-free ATMs around the world

*Except for Credit Suisse, UBS and JP Morgan. These banks offer only private banking services for personal customers, so the minimum initial deposit required is US$ 1,000,000.

CKSA’s US Personal Bank Account Opening Service
– Price: US$ 750.00 –
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