Offshore Merchant Account

Offshore Merchant Account

The incredible growth of e-commerce businesses organized trough offshore company has changed the rules of credit card processing.

Benefits of offshore :

No monthly processing volume limits

Unlike domestic account providers, offshore payment processors do not enforce processing volume limits on their merchant accounts.

Offshore payment processors encourage their merchants to increase their business, using advanced security mechanisms to rule out fraud, whilst rewarding them with reduced rates and additional support. No matter of the flexibility of profits, all merchants should search an offshore provider with no volume limits, in order to increase their gross sales, expand their market and grow without the anxiety of fines or account termination.

Multi-currency and multilingual service

Offshore and third party accounts provide merchants with multi-currency and multilingual services. The ability to deal and communicate with customers in their own language is highly advantageous to a merchant, opening their business to a profitable international market and considerably expanding their customer base.

This is a service not very often offered by domestic processors, who regularly place blanketed bans on international customers instead of providing adequate security screening for widespread access.

99% approval

Unlike domestic merchant account providers who are overly cautious and limited by legislation, offshore payment processors are free to accept any businesses they chose. It is more and more difficult for high-risk and/or high-volume e-commerce businesses to contract with a domestic provider, with many banishing their business models or requesting outrageous security bonds due to their perceived risk.

More reasons to choose offshore merchant accounts

Increase sales and grow your business through international access
  1. Multicurrency options
  2. 99% acceptance rate for low and high risk industries
  3. No country discrimination
  4. No monthly processing volume limits
  5. Back end administration and full spread reporting
  6. Increase market penetration
  7. Full offshore security scanning
  8. Multi-lingual capabilities

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