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Wealth advisors : Caution is fundamental

When France Telecom privatized, my grandfather who had finally retired after a lifetime of hard work, sold his store and used his savings to buy shares at 70 Euros a share.

Why? Because his banker, a young thirty year old recent graduate whom he had known for three years, and thought of as competent, told him that it was a safe investment.

The end result was that my grandfather lost his entire savings and at his death my grandmother was left with nothing.

Does this sound familiar?

The story is true, and it could be yours.

Do not trust your banker’s word, and do not accept financial suggestions that seem to good to be true.

An investment should be thought out over time, and repeatedly undergo adjustments.

This is how we will proceed if you entrust the discretionary management of your portfolio to us:

Understanding your Long Term Needs

1. Understand your goals:

We believe that a suitable portfolio can be designed with complete and detailed understanding of your objectives.

By limiting ourselves to a few new customers a year we can devote ourselves to you and accomplish this.

2. We do not set pre established strategies for asset allocation.

We will design a customized portfolio for you based on your financial goals, and a detailed analysis of the market.

3. We will make tactical changes in asset allocation when necessary.

Our investment team conducts a thorough analysis of the market and will make adjustments on the portfolio when special opportunities arise.

These decisions significantly contribute to performance.

4. We will select the best roster of fund managers based on market conditions.

At CKSA, we have a sophisticated selection process by screening over 15,000 funds and pick the ones which are best for you. The fund managers are constantly reviewed and choices are adjusted based on market conditions.

5. Monitoring and portfolio management:

Our reports highlight your original goals and compare them with results. We also provide a detailed analysis by asset group, and the performance of fund managers.

We continually monitor the portfolio within a risk management system which integrates technology and human judgment every step of the way.

We allocate our resources to identify investment opportunities in order to continually provide a comprehensive array of financial products, fixed income or alternative investments.

We do not sell financial products, but our approach is that we win only if you win. This should be a life changer for you.

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