How to open an offshore bank account?

How to open an offshore bank account?

Advice and assistance to open an offshore bank account:

We offer a variety of offshore banking services for both offshore corporate entities and individuals looking to bank offshore in Switzerland, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Cayman Islands, and in 18 other countries.

Our service is comprehensive going much further than merely filling out bank forms..

Here is how we make a joint decision on how to best serve you:

Chevron We determine with you how your offshore bank account will be used.
Chevron We then offer you a list of banks in Europe and offshore jurisdictions which could best serve you.
Chevron We then check whether the proposed bank accepts your type of business or offshore account.
Chevron And finally we fill out all the necessary documents for the bank to process and open the account.

We can fill out all the forms in our office if you would like us to, or alternately you could meet with the banker in person and discuss your needs and options with him.

Offshore Investment Banking Solutions:

The offshore investment banking sector focuses primarily on offering a range of financial products to clients with both complex and specialized investment banking requirements. CKSA works with banks which offer the best investment solutions and guarantee your investment and total privacy.

Offshore Visa and Mastercard:

When creating your offshore company you will be able to chose not just a jurisdiction, but various products offered by the bank.

You will receive a Visa or Mastercard debit card for current company expenses. These can be used for withdrawals and for payments in person or through the Internet. You will be limited only by the amount available in your account.

For security, these debit cards are issued on sub accounts, which allow you to manage expenditures separately from your main account.

Whether your needs are simple or complex, CKSA will provide innovative solutions for you.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Think of CKSA first when you think of an offshore account.

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