Company Formation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong company limited

Register a company in Hong Kong is an excellent way for international entrepreneurs to take the opportunities offered by the vibrant Chinese economy. The following information will help you to determine why setting up your business in Hong Kong is an optimum strategy

Hong Kong Company, ideal for:

Main characteristics of Hong Kong company:

Company Type Private Company limited by share.
Corporate legislation The Hong Kong Company registry is the governing authority and companies are regulated under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance 1984
Confidentiality HK offers a high level of anonymity and privacy.
Information published relating to company officers Upon registration of Hong Kong company, names of companies officers will appear in the public registry. Nominee officers can be used to avoid the client’s name to appear
Accounting requirement Preparation of accounts required.  Accounts are not publicly accessible.
Taxation No taxes on foreign profits
Legislation Modern offshore legislation
Standard Currency HKD- Capital may be denominated in any currency
Financial International Offshore Financial Center
Stability Stable jurisdiction with very good reputation
Communication Efficient communication means
Time zone Convenient world time zone  GMT+8
Secretary required Yes
Paid up capital requirement No paid up capital requirement when forming Hong Kong company.
Basis of legal System Under Common Law
Minimum shareholders / directors A minimum of 1 Director
Bearer shares Bearer Shares are not permitted in Hong Kong companies.

TAX treaties signed

Double taxation avoidance treaties are in force between Hong Kong and the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, China, Thailand, Vietnam, UK

Double taxation agreements between Hong Kong and the following countries have been signed but are awaiting ratification :

France, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Kuwait, Mainland China, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland.

Hong Kong also has signed double taxation agreements concerning aviation and shipping income with a number of countries (although some of these agreements have been superseded by recently-signed comprehensive double tax avoidance agreements).

Countries with which Hong Kong has signed these limited double tax agreements include:

Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Korea, Kuwait, China, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA.

The procedure to incorporate a company in Hong Kong includes:

To set up a company in Hong Kong, you will first accept our engagement fees and signs our standard client engagement letter.
You agree on the legal, tax and accounting implications involved to set up a company in Hong Kong.
You choose and accept the company name and the optimum corporate structure required to register a company in Hong Kong, including shareholders and directors.
CKSA prepares incorporation documents for your signature and return to us.
CKSA sends you a detailed engagement project plan, clearly outlining the steps required. This minimises unwanted surprises for our client.
CKSA liaises with the Hong Kong Registrar of Companies to set up a company in Hong Kong with the correct corporate structure.
Having set up a company in Hong Kong for you, CKSA provides you with a complete company kit including i)original Certificate of Incorporation ii) a bound copy of a government-approved Memorandum & Articles iii) original share certificatesiv) an extract from the Hong Kong Public Register illustrating company details available for public viewing and v) an original government receipt as evidence of payment of annual license fees for the Hong Kong company.

To form your Hong Kong company, just send us an email through our contact form.

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