Guaranteed Offshore Bank Accounts

Guaranteed Offshore Bank Accounts

Guaranteed offshore bank accounts for your offshore company!

We support our clients in selecting the appropriate first-class bank and facilitate the access to a business account in international, well-capitalized and solid banks, operating in a stable economic environment. Our offshore banking network includes the major international financial centres with international banks.

We are certain that an offshore company without its own offshore bank account is useless. As a result of a close cooperation with a number of international key banks over the years, we are able to grant a bank account, which can be opened as soon as the offshore incorporation is registered. In doing so, our services go far beyond providing and forwarding just bank application forms. CKSA supports you actively during the whole application process.

Offshore Banking

All banks are selected bank institutes in terms of confidentiality, and they are bound by banking secrecy. On the basis of our long-standing collaboration, clients do not have to open the account directly with the bank. CKSA takes care of this and undertakes the whole process, including all necessary preliminary considerations and preparations.

Irrespective to the country, account type and related services, the average monthly account administration charges are largely the same. It would be a pleasure to consult with you in order to choose the right bank for your offshore company.

Open Your Offshore Company With Bank Account Now!

Service Cost: US$ 2,000

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Our network of partner banks includes following jurisdictions:

Glass Ball Andorra
Glass Ball Austria (EU)
Glass Ball Bahrain
Glass Ball Belize
Glass Ball Cayman Islands
Glass Ball Cyprus (EU)
Glass Ball Dubai
Glass Ball Estonia (EU)
Glass Ball Germany (EU)
Glass Ball Guatemala
Glass Ball Hong Kong
Glass Ball Kuwait
Glass Ball Latvia (EU)
Glass Ball Mauritius
Glass Ball Monaco
Glass Ball St. Vincent
Glass Ball Mauritius
Glass Ball Latvia (EU)
Glass Ball Liechtenstein
Glass Ball Singapore
Glass Ball Switzerland
Glass Ball Taiwan
Glass Ball United Arab Emirates

First Class Banking:

Chevron Highest security standards
Chevron No credit score
Chevron Strict banking secrecy
Chevron Account currency optionally in EUR, USD, GBP, CHF or YEN
Chevron Asset management and diversified portfolio management
Chevron Direct access to the worldwide SWIFT system
Chevron Access to online and phone banking
Chevron Debit and credit cards

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