The summer after graduating from high school, my brother (20) and I (18) just started hanging out together… I never dreamed that our father knew what we were doing.

Our mother has been away for a week, we stayed alone for the night, our father might go out to get drunk or cheat her, so I did what I have been doing and went to my brother’s room… he was playing Xbox so I sneaked behind him, grabbed his penis and threw his pajamas! I beat me and said hey dad hasn’t left yet? ? I said it was silly of course, and pulled his pants down directly!

His 9-inch penis was already hard, and he slammed it in my face! He stood up and started hitting me with what he called a “monster”. He would say “Here you are, do you like this, your eldest brother slaps you in the face with his monster!”

He was very happy to hit me with it. Now that I know what to do, I started to suck his eggs away one by one with my mouth, and he slapped my face with a “monster”… one cheek and then another and then forehead and mouth, until he got angry and then He” said “put it in your mouth bitch! “I vomited both of his balls and started to vomit as much as possible! He always likes to shoot my face because he says he is a shooter, so I always let him, but he needs me to beg for it I did it. I took his huge penis out of my mouth and said, “Brother, please spray that semen on my face and my hair! Please! ! ! I need my brother’s jizz on my face, please! ! Please ejaculate on my face, PLEASEEE! ! !! When he hit me in the face with a “monster”, I yelled at him and asked him to cover me in it, and our father (49 years old) kicked the door open! ! !

Everything stopped, we all just looked at him. All he did was put down his jacket and said

“Don’t worry, the boy I knew from the beginning…”

“But Dad, we are just.”

Before we could say anything, he dropped his pants and insulted his huge 10-inch cock.

I said: “My father is the biggest I have ever seen!

He just walked over and said: “The boy mother has not brought me happiness for about 3 months. Now my father really only needs to lose weight.

3 months! ! I say? ? “Oh my god, dad, you really need to shoot! Come over and listen to me, let me take care of both of you at the same time.”

My dad came over, and when I sucked my dad and big brother’s ball, they started to slap my face harder and harder…face.. I blocked too much, but it made them both uncomfortable , I can say that they are very close… Now I know that my brother has not been here for about 1 week. I know that he is saved for me. I know that he is a shooter… On the other hand , My father, I know how much he will shoot in 3 full months! ! ! I am new here and I have to make them happy, so I took them out of my mouth and started begging my father and brother to paint my face with their semen! !

“Please dad, I want it on me, I want to feel the jizz of my dad and brother flying around on my beautiful face! Come on, dad keep hitting me with those guys! Come cover your boy Dad! I want to be your little semen boy!!! Come on, spray it on my hair, my face and my mouth! I want to wear it around the house and let it on my face and hair Wipe dry!!! The semen on my face! Cover my face with JIZZ! Shot on me! Shot on me! Shot on me!!!

They couldn’t stand it anymore. The first shot was shot in my face, throwing my hair back in two directions…and then dripping on my back to my chest…I noticed me My brother finished it after about 8 injections, but my dad just kept squirting more semen than I had ever seen. A whole bite… Finally I started begging again, even though I was blinded by his semen.

“Please dad more…more cum…when I swallow, I feel more semen sprayed on my forehead and dripping from my face…finally there is a thick layer on my hair My father and brother’s semen are all over my face. I wiped my eyes and started to say, “What do you want for dinner?” “They laughed, and I said, “I will just make sandwiches! hehehe”

I went to the kitchen still completely covered in daddy and trouble cum. When my mom came home early after the trip, I was making some turkey sandwiches for our boy! ! She looked at me, saw the jazz, and then saw my naked dad walking around the corner! ! She fainted and we told her it was a dream! !

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