For a Lost Soldier (1992)

Voor Een Verloren Soldaat (original title)

The plot revolves around a romantic relationship between an adult and a child. The film, which is a flashback recalling an early relationship between Jeroen and a Canadian soldier, is set in the Netherlands near the end of World War II. a challenging subject handled with grace and compassion.

A startlingly honest look at a young boy’s romance with a Canadian soldier during the closing stages of World War II can be found in For a Lost Soldier. Due to the food shortages in the cities, 13-year-old Jeroen (Maarten Smit) is sent by his parents from his home in Amsterdam to the countryside. He is present when the Netherlands is freed by the Allies, effectively bringing an end to the war for the Dutch people. Jeroen meets Walt (Andrew Kelley), one of the Canadian soldiers, and feels a strong attraction to him right away.

This story would never have been filmed in the US because of how sensitively and honestly the ensuing love affair is handled. Despite Jeroen being underage, there is no indication of child abuse; in fact, the movie explicitly shows the young boy pursuing the older man at some points. This heartbreakingly romantic film, which is told in flashback, has a dreamlike quality that makes you yearn for more.

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