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Help and assistance for fiscal expatriation of your e-commerce:

Selling online: how to plan your tax expatriation?

To lead a project till the end, it is important to see clearly the facts and to choose the appropriate legal structure.

Indeed, a poor choice of starting legal and tax structure will lead you to unnecessary costs and administrative imbroglio.

What is essential in your business model?

This is the big question that you must ask, in general, and without minimizing the rest, it is the marketing!
Yes, selling is essential, whether it is a product or a service, the issue remains the same.

So why not focus on sales at the beginning and not outsourcing everything?

Glass Ball A warehouse? You can use a logistics company that will ship packages for you
Glass Ball A call center? A call center can be anywhere in the world!
Glass Ball Stocks? Drop shipping
Glass Ball A communication agency? They can be next to you but also in London or India …

So the question is, why your company should be in your city or even your country?

⬨ Take Cyprus as the perfect example

By creating a company in Cyprus your will get the following elements:

Chevron A virtual office (telephone and fax)
Chevron A bank account,
Chevron A Merchant account (to collect your payments by credit card)
Chevron A EU VAT number
Chevron A local accounting

How much is tax expatriation for your e-commerce?

For the rest, you can appoint any partner of your choice for communication, marketing, logistics and sign your contracts from Cyprus. Nothing will change for you, this is the benefit of being in Europe

What about corporate tax, 10% – no-comments

Your salary with an offshore e-commerce?

You have the right to be employed by a foreign company but you can simply opt for an early profit distribution from your Cypriot corporation

If this is not your first business, you will be so glad to be free of administrative tasks…

And if you still want to hire staff?

⬨ 3 choices are available to you:

  1. You can register for hiring employees trough a foreign entity.
  2. You create a local branch of your foreign company
  3. Finally you can simply ask these people to be your subcontractor, you will be their customer ….
    For less than 500 Euros per month, you can start your business and focus only on the thing that counts in the first three years: SELLING

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