Creation of Trusts and Offshore Companies with Bank Account

Creation of Trusts and Offshore Companies with Bank Account

Advantages of Offshore Structures

The opening of an offshore company or trust has four primary advantages:

 Total secrecy regarding the company controller and assets
 No tax to be paid on chosen tax haven
 Low cost structure and easy administration
 Legal security and low levels of bureaucracy comparable to first world countries

Many of our clients come to us to structure offshores to manage their family assets, invest in the US, European, Asian and Emerging Markets stock exchanges, or even receive income from abroad without the risk of being taxed in their home countries.

The possibilities of using a company in an offshore center are numerous. The low cost of maintaining an offshore makes even customers with a small budget have access to a range of highly profitable hedge funds offered by US and European banks. It is also possible to buy stocks and bonds from these countries and receive dividends and interest without paying any taxes.

Other clients use offshore to protect their assets in their home countries against labor lawsuits, tax foreclosures and many other forms of squandering of assets used by the levity of judges.

In this way, our customer acquires an offshore company and, with this company, the customer enters its home country, as a foreign investor, as a company with domicile abroad.

With this company, one can buy urban real estate, vehicles, move bank accounts, participate in other companies, including those that participate in auctions and bidding on public contracts with governments.

In this way:

 Offshore allows the owner to be legally hidden and conduct business anonymously in their home country;
 The client has at his disposal a true corporate and legal tax engineering: when transferring the control of a company to an offshore, it is possible to remit the profits to the offshore holding without any charge or tax, in a totally legal way;
 The owner of the operational company and assets remains hidden, guaranteeing total security and privacy.

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The potential benefits of an offshore company are numerous. Some of the key benefits of offshore companies and advantages include:

Privacy: Another of the main benefits of offshore company lies in the fact that the identities of the owners and sometimes even the directors are not a matter of public record. The rich and their families are at greater risk of being targeted by financial enemies, fraudsters and other criminals and therefore they only have to gain by sheltering under the anonymity of an offshore.

Asset Protection: Offshore companies are ideal for managing global assets due to the strong legal security of tax havens.

Simplicity: An often neglected benefit of the offshore company is the relative simplicity of forming an offshore company and its management. Setting up offshore companies in many jurisdictions is a fast and trouble-free process, and CKSA intends to make this process as simple as possible. Following the incorporation, an offshore company benefits from more flexible regulations in terms of accounting requirements and public records if compared to onshore companies.

Tax planning: One of the main benefits of the offshore company is that it is “tax neutral”, which means that it is exempt from tax in the country of incorporation or pay a low or zero effective tax rate.

Low administration costs: Many business managers in offshore jurisdictions specialize in providing secretarial services and business administration and due to economies of scale and automated systems they are able to provide these services at a very reasonable rate. An experienced offshore company administrator, such as CKSA, is able to provide a variety of services including a virtual office, accounting, professional directors, secretarial services and much more at a fraction of the cost of setting up an onshore office, . This allows the customer to concentrate more time on the main revenue generating activities associated with the company.

Minimum capital requirements: Offshore companies generally offer flexibility in terms of structuring the company’s capital. This usually includes no minimum paid capital or very low minimum capital requirements.

Flexibility: Offshore companies offer flexibility in terms of company structure and capital, meeting locations, requirements for annual meetings, number and location of directors and shareholders, and more.

Family Trusts

As well as offshore, offshore family trusts benefit from the following benefits:

  No Taxes: The beneficiaries do not pay taxes of any kind.
  Asset protection: When transferring equity abroad, all assets are protected from future creditors of the settlor and the beneficiaries.
  Real Estate Planning: Trusts offer real estate planning benefits for many generations.
  Quick Formation: A Trust Deed can be written quickly.
  Privacy: No information about the trusts is part of any public registry.

Full management of offshores

CKSA offers a complete service from A to Z, not just by registering your company. Our account managers are all specialists in business, corporate and asset law . We are at your disposal throughout the year to:

 Answer all your general questions.
 Include or withdraw a shareholder or director of the company.
 Signing contracts on behalf of the company.
 Get loans and fund raising in the capital market.
 Change the name of your business.
 Open a bank account in the name of the company.
 Produce additional company documentation (Certificate of Incumbency, Certificate of Good Standing, etc.)
 Dissolve the company.
 Increase or decrease the share capital of your company.
 Transfer the company from another agent.

In addition, through our administrative capacity, we can provide you, upon request, with an up-to-date report of your company’s shareholders, directors and secretaries, as we keep such information up-to-date in our database for all companies we manage.

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